Apex Pomskies

Apex Pomskies Complaint

Apex Pomskies does nothing but bash other people on their website. I am not sure they are dog breeders or sellers at all. None of us has ever seen a dog for sale only slander and hate links about other people. We liked their facebook page a while ago and now the updates are never about dogs only hate links. I am sorry but this is what a poor breeder looks like. We even looked up their PCA website, it is freaken awful again nothing but hate comments, not much about a dog at all. Then my friend looked up their founder and says they have breed several different breeds before. So, heads up this Tressa at Apex Pomskies is more than likely a scam artist who spams their website and net with hate messages. This is not a good quality breeder, stay clear unless you want endless updates on who they hate this month. I have seen several different people they hate so far. They even shared personal information in their post then try to claim they are doing it for the best of the breed. Just insane breeders if you ask me and the others who are upset now As for the proof: All you need to do is click on their website above and or PCA website. It is a big joke

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