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So the truth is finally coming out about alot of the garments and products I was sick to my stomach to here the le vive does not having any of the super fruits in it and thats why the fda denied them and I trusted them put my family on the products and thats what I get to be laughed at and looked at diffrently the compensation plan is so hard to get a nice check its so more to that business that I was lead on to believe and to think the garments was told to me that it was a family generation invention the firm international has the patten to body magic im so pissed and me and my wife look like fools are downline has dropped completly and this is what I left my job for but I joined the business one of the top leaders has left ardyss and started a new business I joined with this amazing lady my wife knew and we have been helped every stepp of the way we just joined three weeks ago and already have 144 people under us no babysitting lies tight garments sugar filled energy drinks no complaints I love this new business and this will be our last if you guys no anything about wanting to live life right and make real money the right way join with this lady she is amazing and she was a ardyss rep she left too please dont be fooled anylonger there is so much stuff coming out and ill will not have my family name tied into ardyss international at all im a god fearing man

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  1. Kiyoko Bozovich
    June 17, 2020

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