Arizona Institute of Business and Technology

Arizona Institute of Business and Technology Review

I attended AIBT in Tucson AZ believing they were an accredited School. I was newly divorced and struggling to make it with a young son at the time. I kept seeing their commercials and decided to go back to school and get my degree in Hotel Management. I was led to believe that I could get my beginning courses there and transfer ALL of my credits to another institution such as a “real” college. I first realized that I was in trouble when career day approached and a few of us older (I was in my 30’s) students were left out because the companies attending wanted only the younger ones so they could mold them. So we were being punished for having any kind of job experience what so ever. Granted I did not have Hotel experience, only Legal Field experience. | Near the end of my courses, due to medical issues, I was forced into taking accounting classes so I could graduate early. I had asked for a break to deal with my medical but was refused and told all I could do was take accounting to graduate and not lose any money. I could however take my credits and finish my degree at the community college or other institute when I was ready. So I worked through everything and struggled to pass my finals as I was thrown into classes I had no clue about. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and thought that I would be good to go. I had received Grants and a $2000 bonus while I was there. I went to Pima Community College to transfer my credits. I was asked if the transcript was the original or a copy. I had the original with me and the intake counselor had the copy. He then told me it was not worth the paper it was written on and threw it in the trash. | That is when I found out that AIBT was NOT an accredited school after all. Recently all of the Brown Mackies and whatever other school they turned into, have shuttered their doors also, So here I sit with an $18,000 student loan. Which BTW was only suppose to be $8,000 I would have to pay back on an initial $10,000 loan. So i understand interest but seriously $8,000 more then I was told. I need to find out if anyone else had these issues. I am refusing to budge because I feel I was lied to and wasted so much time on them,

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