ArmyGear Complaint

After looking around the net for some time on places to purchase some camping gear (packs, MREs, and other misc. gear) I came across After finding them I took some time to look around at reviews and all seemed well. Until I started the order process. After making my first order buyer’s remorse set in hard. Not for a dislike of what I order, I just decided I wanted to add another item on to my list without having to have 2 different orders with 2 different shipping costs. So I decided to e-mail the company and ask to cancel my order. After about a business day I finally received a reply saying it would be cancelled. Many hours and hours later the charge is still on my card. Many more hours waiting and the order finally shows as cancelled but the charge is still there. I decide to e-mail them again asking the reason (remember, I had plans on adding more to my order) and I get this from them: “relax buddy-if you stopped emailing i might have time to credit you…you are one big pain-if you keep bothering us we might wait til next month to credit you-how do you like them apples?” What sort of e-mail is this? Especially to a customer that had plans on ordering more (I didn’t tell them this till I received that e-mail). Now, If I had waited till the items shipped or if I e-mailed them every 10 minutes I could see this. But it was over a span of 2 days of an item pending before it was even cancelled. So in summary, might have excellent prices…but in the customer service department I wouldn’t give them anything higher than 0.5/10.

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