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I had to beg for 3 months to get my first order and during that time they charged me for 2 autoshipmsnts and I never received them. When I requested a refund it was ignored and finally I had to call my credit card compnay and have them get the charges back for me. When I sponsored a new person they could not or would not pay me. I requested a check and it was approved but never sent. Now Grove has pod cast where he is soliciting investments from the distrbutors which I think is VERY wrong and possible iilegal. They say they have distirbutors all over the world in Japan, Africia, Canada, Spain, Russia, Italy and France but I cannot find that they are properly registered as a MLM in any of those countries. I have requested many times for factual substanciation for their claims of their product Accu-point-holograms with no response or their formulator telling me to google it!? | This whole thing smells like a bait-and-switch to questionablely raise investment monies thru MLM. I dont like it and it feels very worng.

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