Our band contacted ArtistPR and went with the “we do it for you” program/service for $297 on Dec 17 2017. We were required to fill out descriptive forms for the band and music and upload music to Dropbox. All this was done and I could see that someone accessed the dropbox from [email& 160;protected] | The form letter said it take up to 60 days before we heard back from them about any reviewers or reviews. Sixty days came and went with no reply from ArtistPR. Since then two of us have been sending emails to their support at [email& 160;protected] and have gotten zero reply. Two of us have placed phone calls and gotten no response. We have attempted contact several times and included receipts for the order/service requested. No response. It is now near the end of April of 2018. | In spite of sending numerous emails and phone calling I continue to receive emails from them telling me to buy directories, manuals and how to books. When I try to log in to their site it says “you do not have privileges to access this site” even though I signed up and registered. | Interstingly the $297 fee for the “We do it for you” service is $3 short for submitting a claim to the Better Business Bureau. They may be a real company, but their customer support and service providing by them is essentially non existent from this experience. One would be better off doing their own leg work and ignore Artist PureRippoff.

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