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Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] Review

Since September 2017 I have been getting the AJC thrown into my yard. I have called them and emailed them about this but the papers keep coming! I want them stopped! I did not order the service and do not pay for the service but they keep coming. I have called the customer service number [protected], Corporate [protected] and mike which I think is a supervisor [protected]. I have emailed them also several times. I have a old knee injury that flares up at times making it difficult for me to tackle stairs to go pick up the paper that they are littering my yard with. I want this stop but they can”t seem to make it stop. What can I do? I have tons of papers now that I will have to dispose of and my trash can isn”t big enough for all these papers! They need to come get them and stop delivering them to my house like I have been begging them to do

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