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Atlantic Auto Sales Review

When my husband and I almost bought a car from Atlantic Car Sales, in Whitman MA, we were shocked to find we were being charged more than what we had agreed to. We were made to think that a car we were trading in was included in the total price; however it was in fact IN ADDITION to the total price. What is more, the purchase agreement was not entirely filled out. The salesperson left “Total Price” and “Total Payment” blank, so we would not know that we were actually expected to pay more than discussed. Additionally, we have never been treated so rudely and were shocked at the way we were spoken to when we pointed this out. No one should have to be spoken to in such a manner, especially by the owner of the dealership. Atlantic Car Sales is not the place to purchase your next car. Please heed this warning and take your business elsewhere, where you can be sure that what is discussed is what will go on the purchase contract.

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