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Auto Finance Specialist Review

Report Filed: Auto Finance Specialist ripoff, dishonest, installation negligence, broken frame on truck El Cajon California!!

We purchased a truck that was already lifted from AFS & started having problems with it. We had regular maintenance performed on the truck & were told by the mechanic that the lift had been welded on the truck. The lift kit should have been bolted on, not welded. We took the truck back to the lift place, 4 Wheel Direct, & were told that they were at fault of doing the work cheap, not right. He replaced parts & we still paid 700.00 for repairs. After that the shock towers on the front end fell off. The welding gave & took parts of our truck frame with it. We have a 2004 Chevy that we owe 30,000.00 for with a broken frame. We went down to AFS to give them a chance to make things right, & we were offered a striped down Ford utility truck. We gave them a chance to mend this deal, we were told to get a lawyer, so we are trying!!! Carla El Cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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