Auto land Division of Pwn Group

Auto land Division of Pwn Group Review

Report Filed: Auto land Division of Pwn Group john derella,bennie,cheryl,felix stepello Inspection fraud,lost brakes. purchased 1 week. Failed Inspection,Bad tye rods, bad clutch Marcy, New York!!

Please help my17 yeard old son scammed.Back on July 28th of 2001 my 17 year old went to buy a car From Autoland. He was told he had to wait for a day to get an inspections done. When wewent to pick it up Joh Derella the owner stated the car was inspected and we were all set. I stated to John Derella John Please this car needs to ;last a few years exspecially because we are trading you a good car and giving 700.00 car. I was 100 percent reaasured. At this point 3 days later going vickerman Hill in Ilion,Ny which is very dangerous my son lost his brakes and almost was killed. Car had to be towed and was told it was fixed.This is the 3rd and final time that is motivating me to put a stop it. While visiting Ma on a busy intersection my sons clutch system gave out. When at the garage I was told that the tye rods were all bad and had to get them fixed. I had no choce since at this point I had to get the car reinispected. I had no choice but to get the job done 880.00’s later. This car was brought to west end auto who does all there work, auto land simple purchase the inspection sticker, stuck it on and said see you later sucker. I don’t know what I can do. I just want some help. The day I bought it everything started to fall apart.

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