Auto Protection Plus

Auto Protection Plus Review

I called within my 30 days and after getting the run around was told to go to page 11 to cancel. I sent everything in and its been 2 1/2 months and haven’t heard from anybody for my refund. | On September 27, 2016 I recieved a phone call from Auto Protection Plus. They said my pickup warrenty was out. I needed a extended warrenty. Which I knew I should get one. So I took it out. The guy said I had 30 days to look over the policy . If I didn’t like the policy I could get a full refund. Said I’d recieve the policy next week. It took 2 weeks to recieve and didn’t leave much time to go over the policy. | After reviewing the policy we decided to cancel. Because page 9 contradicted what they covered on page 8. I called the company and he wanted to know why we wanted to cancel. I tried to explain, but he kept argueing with me. He finally said go to page 11 and follow the instructions. I did and sent everything back in a certified letter back with return reciept on October 22. I paid 99.00 dollars and payed with my credit card. Then I had to cancel my cards so they wouldn’t charge another month to my cards. I have waited 1 1/2 months for a refund as they promised and have yet to recieve my refund. | I do not recommend there company to anybody. The policy claims to cover everything and after you take it to repair shop and call them ahead of time as the policy states they rarely cover anything.

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