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Automotive Training Institute Complaint

ATI claim they can turn your shop around with their proven tactics and secrets. They verbally promise amazing results, but if you read the fine details of the contract, their verbal promises are baseless: The terms and conditions contained herein, together with any exhibits attached hereto, if any, represent the entire agreement between Participant and ATI with respect to the Program to the exclusion of all other representations or arrangements, written or verbal. Since the written agreement did not include the vast amount of verbal promises, ATI did not have to deliver. I attended a “boot camp, ” I was impressed. Afterwards, they visited my shop The ONLY visit I ever got from ATI). ATI offered me a “2 month no obligation test drive.” I was assigned a coach, and told to trust their “cookie cutter” system. I was told I was required to attend “owners class” While attending this class, I was pulled into an office to push the sale. At that point it seemed great, but for $1384 a month for 4 years, I had reservations, but they convinced me to agree. The 1st year, we generated more revenue. The 2nd year, we had difficulty finding technicians. When I signed up with ATI, I was told, “We have the secrets to finding good employees.” a secret? I was told “ALL our coaches know all shop management systems inside out.” Every time they asked me about a report, I”d ask how to pull it up, to which they would tell me to figure it out. The first 6 months, there were many changes. Then the weekly calls began to be missed due to personal reasons or events. The calls came 15 to 30 minutes late. Or sometimes NO call. The 3rd year, business stalled. Car count dropped to 35 cars a week, and declined to 20-25. I told my coach this is not normal. Not only were A LOT of calls missed during this critical time, They agreed to switch me to another coach, and he agreed ATI can be a financial burden during times like this. Another 2 weeks went by with NO CALLS. I wasn”t informed about who my new coach was. The new coach finally called, I explained the situation and told him we need instant action. He agreed and scheduled a call with his supervisor to come up with a plan. The call with the supervisor was useless. He had no interest in our well-being and was not even on the line for 5 minutes. He told me “I”ll have your shop turned around in 6 months.” I expressed to him “We need to leave ATI, ” his response was, “You think you can do this by yourself? 3 more months, nothing changed. I again told the coach that we don”t need the financial burden of ATI. He said he would talk with their CFO. My coach told me I had to contact the COO. I emailed the COO and specifically asked him to CALL me. He responded to me in an email that ATI has nothing to do with payments since they sold the contract to a bank. I kept pressing for assistance, and the only message I receive is: NOPE, YOU HAVE A LOAN WITH THE BANK, CALL THE BANK. I have no records of a bank loan, I asked ATI to send it to me to no avail. Shady practice. They are heartless people that smile to you and say they want to help you, but when you REALLY need the help they are absolutely worthless. As I stated NOBODY has showed up in person during this critical time. I haven”t been picking up the “weekly coaching call” for 8 weeks. No calls to the shop, or email or text message, “Hey are you alive?” Before you even consider ATI: 4 year contract with full payment through a loan, shows that they are not confident in their abilities, and what keeps them working hard for you when they have your money already? Plenty of resources on FB groups like “Auto shop owners group (asog)” FREE with nothing but shop owners that share resources. Their 200% guarantee is absolutely bogus. Yes there might been success story, but how many of the “failure stories” have they told you? They will tell you 98% success rate, but what is success? YOU ARE ON THE HOOK FOR THE LOAN!

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