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I am a business owner looking for some fundng. i sent my business bank statements to ifund in manhattan ny. they present me with a 65k loan from quicksilver capital. i told them i will think about it. the next day i receive a call from Benny Caban who works with Axe Capital Partners. He advised e that he could offer me 75k on this funding and do not speak to ifund guy again. I told him to send me the paperwork and when i recieved the agreements it was again from Quicksilver. I asked Benny this is strange I have two offers from quicksilver. Benny laughed and asked me but they are not the same amount. I called Mohit back at ifund to ask him why he only gave me 65k and i have an offer now from 75k from the same lender. Something still made no sense, so I called Benny back and he told me flat out he works for Quicksilver and he can always get a higher offer and better terms. He told me this in confidence but this is bad business and i feel it shady to Mohit. Now the next day i call the 800 number but go directly to the operator, and i act like i am a delivery gy for Ben Caban, and I was conirming address for delivery. Operator named Stephanie told me deliver it to 4208 18th avenue Brooklyn NY (next to Emir Palace | When I look up this address i see that max advance used to work out of this location for a very very long time. | What bothers me the most is that this Benny guy calls me out the blue and i never sent him my paperwork. than he wants to charge me 10% fee. I secured the money elsewhere. But these guys are like sharks!!!

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