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I hired Kirk Badii and his company The Badii Group to manage my money to invest it so I can have a diverse portfolio with the funds I just made from selling my company. BE AWARE he targets business owners and major players in high net worth groups with his charm and his UBS background/experience. I was sold from the beginning after our first lunch by the time we had our third meeting I moved a couple of million over to happy to be working with him only find out that he was not doing what he said he would do. | I lost money and he blamed it on previous investments before working with his company, Kirk mismanaged my portfolio and gave me bad advice on how to reach my goals. | The rates he said he was charging was different from what was agreed on. | He made decisions with my money without consulting me and my thoughts. | He says he gives a 6-star service but when my accounting team found his mistakes and seen that we were losing more then we could handle he denied it. | It’s frustrating that a person with the image of being so prestige would not stop the bleeding of me losing just so that he would be able to get commissions on the things he was getting me into. | His reply to this was (Kirk) – “There are ups and downs, Our best options have been played and we have to wait it out. Trust me I make money when you make money not lose. So I want you to be happy.” | Just be aware of this group you may be in for a future shock at the end of the quarter. I would not trust another company after dealing with this group. It took me to long to pull my money as well.

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