Baked of Bloomington

Baked of Bloomington Review

The man who owns this has probably cleaned up his act since my complaint, but he does not like complaints and was very angry when I complained. He was so angry I was afraid what he might do. He didn’t say he was sorry for the way the cookies turned out. (and other things he did) I invited him over to look at the cookies, but he refused to come. I had the proof. He said his cookies are chewy, but does that mean they are suppose to be undercooked? His ovens are not set properly for baking cookies, and I’ve told him that. They have a cookie place in the mall where I buy my cookies now. They always come out great, and they are not undercooked, overcooked or have hairs in them. By the way, his idea is not new. They have a place like this in NY I believe and they do a much better job. He just copied them.

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