Purchased a wood burning 2.5 watt laser and it did not work out of the box, I installed it to my xy burner and of course everything works except the laser. Now just for reference I am an A+ Certified Computer tech and software specialist, so I just did not fall off the truck. I contacted Banggood and advised of the problem, they started to make me jump through hoops stating they need pictures and videos and labels. One guy told me I did not need the shipping label, | I had already tossed it in the trash…but I did do a video showing my machine working but no light from the laser. He forward my complaint to another department who told me I had to provide a video, which I had already provided from youtube youtube/answer/57407?hl=en, so I sent it to them. So far nothing has been done and the battle is on going. Will not order anything from them again or any other china store will post more as it becomes available

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