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user name [protected] account no 28388 no internet connection from 10/01/20010 at my home .and there is no inter net conection at my home at night daily .i had given many complains to call center person .she had promised to send technician and solve the problems but she didnt send any body or solve the problem .the call center nos alway busy and had wait for 15 to 30 munites to register complain .which is very costly .why are u the beam cable company not giving me continiously internet connection to me at my home .i had paid u for continious inter net connection .but not i had given u a charity ..i want continious inter net connection at my home .give me iner net connection urgently and continiously and refund my depoist with interest amount to me . hope u will give me internet connection urgently and continiously to me at my home

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