Bente Geronimo

Bente Geronimo Review

I initially signed up to try personal training at Crunch Fitness located in Yerba Buena Third St. in San Francisco. I was assigned to a trainer named Bente Geronimo. Right off the bat, she was persuading me to sign up for training. After the tour I gave her my credit card info and signed up for a few months. During my training with her we hit it off and she gave me her number and she started sending me naked pictures of herself and her information. | I wanted to know what her background was. So I did my research and turns out she has no experience as a trainer and there were disturbing things about her history on google. Looks like she was demoted from other clubs for sleeping with managers and clients! I decided to cancel my training with Crunch since it made me really uncomfortable. After cancelling my information, it looked like my credit card was getting fraudulent charges. I only used that credit card to sign up with training. Do not sign up with this trainer.

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