Best Buy Eyeglasses

Best Buy Eyeglasses Review

This is a total sham of an outfit. Like most people when you can save a buck your interest is peaked. They sell discount eyewear for a reason. The frames look like they came from a dollar store, and the lenses are even worse. I ordered a pair of RayBan frames with progressive lenses, transitions, plastic lenses for safety, and the kicker the SCRATCH PROOF coating. Not a cheap package. Only using hot water and a eyeglass cleaning cloth has made the lenses look as though I used steel wool on them. The frames look as though the logo should say RayPan denoting a cheap knockoff. I contacted the company and received an email telling me about their return policy. Seems more like a money grab on the 2nd run policy. They would replace the faulty lenses (their fault) at a cost of 50% of the original purchase price. I always like to pay for merchandise twice just to have the opportunity to see if they will get it right the second time. I need to get new lenses in my glasses, but this time I will use common sense and pay a reputable optometrist in my own town to do the job. I rate them a 1 out of 10 in all categories and highly reccomend not getting duped as I did. I see now on the net that a little research on my part would have showed me this. Ah yes hindsight rears it’s ugly head again.

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