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FALSE PROPHET FOR PROFIT I was contacted unsolicited on facebook by this “man of God”. I thought the timing might have been good for me as I was and am struggling a bit. I shared some personal woes and he offered me help through prayer…and a scripture readng….which according to Dr-Bill Winston, will only be effective when I am serious and I sew seeds to Africa. In another words…pay money for God’s blessings. When I insisted this is not the same God who suffered and died on a cross for our sins…he declined ro reply and finaly went away. He did not stop trying to scare me into making paynent for help from God until I called him out. Beware of this imposter and the many out there. It is sad but true. God did not ask men and women who spread the word of God to do it through money you either do or don’t have. .. Dr. -Bill Windsor even went so far as to say “when I am serious . …” how dare he! EXTORTION. FALSE PROPHET FOR PROFIT. Let’s see records of where the money he extorts through God fearing people who need God’s help goes. A forensic audit is in order to ascertain what he extorts REALLY goes to.

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