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I have been an employee of bishops for a while. It started off great but then they begged me to help in areas way away and I agreed to help for awhile. Well that turned into years. | I emailed them numerous times and told them to find someone else as I couldn’t handle that volume any longer. Then I started having lates and Paul told me I would only get half price for lates ok fine I told him to please remove those counties. | Instead he said no if we have to get you someone to help you we will charge you back for the ones they help with. Funny part is when. I request they reassign those counties they tell me they have noone but if they can charge me back they have a replacement all of a sudden. | This company is a joke. And will cause you to run the wheels off your car and refuse to pay you. It’s a joke.

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  1. Alayna Honchell
    June 16, 2020

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