Blockground Capital

Blockground Capital Review

This company is located in Andorra. If you don’t know what it is and where it is, this information is for you: Andorra is a sovereign microstate located between France and Spain. Andorra la Vella is its capital. Ok. Let’s get back to the company. I never heard of successful companies based in Andorra. I checked their address and found several companies that were registered in the same place. The biggest of them is a Seuwagen, it’s a car dealer company or something like this. I just want to understand how these firms are connected. It may be that Blockground Capital just chose a random address to just write something. Their website contains 4 pages only: the main one. There’s a logo there. The thesis page. Just a small description. The portfolio page. 17 companies, nothing special. The contact page. Just an address, email and a contact form That’s all. Short. Unclear. No team information, nothing else. I think I don’t have to tell you how risky this company is?

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