Blocktrade Capital

Blocktrade Capital Complaint

At a very first glance, it seems that everything is short and to the point. But then when you carefully look at this website, you already don’t feel that all is good. It’s actually great they described the conditions in details, at least, investors are aware of the fees and stuff like that. But wait, it’s not all. What about the team? Well, I can judge by information from the website only. And I see just one man named Ben Marks, the company founder. Is that all? Is he the only one who manages all the investments and the company? Isn’t that too much for one person? Maybe he has other people who help him? Advisors, managers, partners, nah? Do they really think it’s easy to give your money to the company that can’t even provide all the needed information? For example, contacts. Seriously. Just an online form and an email? What about your location? Gosh, it’s made so clumsy and dumb. I want no part of it.

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