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Bob Brady Auto Mall / Bob Brady Dodge Review

We purchased a Grand Caravan from Bob Brady at the end of April “08. I should”ve went with my gut instinct and went elsewhere from the start. We were pressured into the purchase in the first place at an astronomical interest rate and only given 2 vehicles to choose from because of our credit history. We told them a million times that we had no down payment but when we got there they said the bank insisted on a $1500 down payment and they would take 4 separate checks as an “in house” arrangment; then they put paid in cash on the bank contract. Then we were forced to let them install a contraption on the van that you had to enter a code in once a month or it shut the vehicle down. We weren”t even given any information or instructions on how to use the device. Then I started receiving letters from lenders denying me credit…over fifteen notices. I never did hear from a bank or get a statement…nothing. After several weeks and a million phone calls, the girl I spoke to M.M. tells me that “everything is fine, you”ll hear from the bank any day” only to find out a week later from the finance department that they loan was NEVER approved and we were never notified! They continued running my credit for weeks, without proper authorization, and should have removed that ridiculous contraption weeks ago! Finally, after reassuring me that they had another bank lined up and would take the device off…I thought it was settled. Four days later they called me and told they have to pick the van up and return ours because the didn”t get it financed! I contacted an attorney and have excellent grounds for a civil suit, which I will definitely file! We”ve had this vehicle for over 45 days and now they want it back?! Completely unprofessional, unethical, and dishonest. I hope they lose their license.

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