I have to EDIT this review to explain more effectively what had happened with my yoga retreat booking as I have been asked by the company who FALSELY ADVERTISED my booking (tripaneer) to take this review down. I can’t quite understand why they think I would take this review down as they know I am a yoga holiday retreat vlogger and blogger so my reviews are popular with adventurous travellers worldwide. | So to begin, back in October 2016 I got into planning a 3 month yoga retreat trip to Thailand. I was looking for reasonably priced retreats to review and experience on my travels in Asia. I happened across a website named and booked a retreat named The Samahita Retreat in Samui. It was for a four day stay with the yoga classes, meditation and accommodation all included advertised at the price of 6,640 thb. I requested the booking as was asked to pay half of the retreat price at 3,320 of which I paid straight away. | This was not the only retreat I booked that day; I actually booked 6 others for my trip which starts on the 15th December 2016. | I had received the booking confirmation from, (tripaneer) along with the finalised payment to be paid within 14 days. I then receive another series of emails after the confirmation saying that that they were very sorry but they had the pricing wrong and that in fact at the Xmas period when the retreat gets busier the pricing goes up. So in October when I booked the pricing was correct but for December the prices go up. The website never corrected the pricing. I naturally thought if I was sold a retreat at these prices then I would be entitled to the retreat at the pricing that was advertised. But this was not to be. | I had asked if there was anything they could do as I would not have booked this retreat at the price they were asking as I was travelling to reasonably priced resorts. At Xmas time this resort charges per day what they were originally charging in October for the four days. They offered my money back, which I didn’t really want; I really wanted my retreat as now it is late in the day to book another. | They declined and encouraged me to take my FULL payment back which I accepted in the end and have now received. I thought it was all over only to receive another mail informing me of THE FACTS of which I am already completely aware of and as slight underhand message asking me to take my trustpilot review down. If I don’t take this review down they will answer it and publish our communications! Reveiws are here for a reason and I do not understand the threat (it reads as a threat). | I am more than happy for (tripaneer) WHO ALL HAD A HAND IN THIS, to respond. So that the consumer may understand exactly how companies can MISLEAD AND FALSELY ADVERTISE TRIPS ABROAD so that you get caught up paying a deposit for a trip that ends up being 4 times the cost of what was advertised, and mostly as they kindly informed me, you are NOT entitled to a refund even if this is the case.

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