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That’s why I live outside from school because my school doesn’ t have enough practice room. In NEC, there are only 10 practice room for over 100 piano students. To prepare competitions and my future, I find a studio from a agent, and I really like you studio, before I signed my contract, I told agent my major is piano, So I asked agent that what rules I need to know. They showed contract to me, it said that I couldn’t make sound after 10PM and have pet in this beautiful studio. On that time, I was so happy, so I signed contract. Agent never tell me I can’t play the piano in that studio. As a Chinese, it is difficult to live and study, in China, my friend told me that in America, I can believe agent, because American be considerate of others. But I don’t know how to do now, even to can practise, I refused my dorm. Every time, I sent email to agent, I can not get solution. And they don’t back my refund, I gave agent 4800 dollars, It is my family one year income. And I need it to find new place. I really I can get help and solution.

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