Botach Complaint

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pair of duty boots through their new website, Within a few days, I received a shipping notification. So far, so good. So I go to their website a day or two later to see if they had added the UPS tracking number – after all, the link on their homepage says “Track order”. The order page simply said that my order had shipped or “had reached the final stages of processing”. Well, which is it? So I emailed customer service twice, and received no response. After my third email, they emailed me back and told me that the boots were being shipped from the manufacturer and they had just sent the order over. In other words, they are using a dropshipper (and it’s not the manufacturer, Rocky, so that was an outright lie). A few more weeks go by, and despite my repeated emails asking for a UPS tracking number from their dropshipper, most of my emails go unanswered. The one email that “Dan” responded to was simply to tell me to wait another week and then he could help me with finding my order. I wait a few more days, send two more emails and get ignored. I finally filed a complaint with the BBB and sent Botach an email threatening to file a complaint with the FTC. Suddenly, Dan from Botach is readily available to help me with my issues and claims that there was a delay in processing my order which he amazingly just discovered this morning. So, in other words, they took my money with no intention of sending my merchandise, and sent me fake shipping confirmations to try and cover it up. I’ve asked that they simply refund my money so I can buy from a reputable company. They have agreed to refund my money but it remains to be seen if they will actually issue the refund. Botach Tactical and Botach Defense are thieves and should be prosecuted. I’d file the charges myself if my DA would extradite them from CA.

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