Bounty Hunter Training Academy

Bounty Hunter Training Academy Review

Falcon Investigations NA | 87 Spook Rock Road | Suffern, New York | United States | Phone: (845) 362-3433 | | male 5’10 in Welsley Hills, Ny/Suffern, NY that calls himself a bounty hunter but in reality his license was denied for renewal due to his bad behavior, and deception, etc along with other violations in the past | You can find a lot online about him | Scott H Bernstein bounty hunter | He has 4 accts with Facebook | | Scott Bernstein, Private Detective & Bounty Hunter | ANYWAY to not keep you I have a few things you may want to know | 9 months ago on Facebook she met some guy that calls himself a bounty hunter | Scott Bernstein in Welsley Hills, NY/Nassau, NY/Suffern, NY | She needed security | So he told her that he could do so and to send him $500 for a GPS device in the mail and if she needed help to press a button and he would get help | He lives in Ny | she lives in Illinois | 900 miles away | Then tells her that he needs $2000 deposit on the $20, 000 for his services | She never did give the $20k as his contract was shady and he ran by it quick | A few months ago me and him met and then got into a heated arguement about some Repo video | And then that night he started barating the woman on the phone for breaking ties with him because we had found all this junk online about his past | Like impersonating a police officer | Carrying concealed weapon | Cocaine possession | etc | The DA and industry pretty much know who he is and tired of him | So anyway he starts telling her that now she owes him $85k for services and starts threatening her | So she accidentally pressed a button on her phone that she was able to record the conversation and filed a police report in her town against him | Then in the chats he got more harassing and threatening and we were able to save those | He went to the licensing dept and they denied him a renewal because of his bad behavior | He’s made all these sites and pages, etc all over the internet and we think he’s been doing some hacking as well | He’s also been using the name Mike Kelly under

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