Brian & Rita Novello

Brian & Rita Novello Review

Purchased 2 male Chihuahua puppies on 06/12/08 in late evening. By the morning of 06/14/08, both puppies are sick with diarhea and vomitting. Took the puppies to the vet and was told to transport them to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital as one of the puppies was in critical condition and would need round the clock care. Vets state that the puppies were suffering from a Parvo virus and the more critical of the 2 had to have been exhibiting symptoms for a few days. I have now spent THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on these sick puppies I purchased from this ‘breeder’. When I purchased these 2 Chihuahuas, I asked how many were in the litter. Tim Smith told me they WERE the litter. I contacted him regarding the sick puppies. He stated how sorry he was to hear of their condition and then told me they had a little sister that he had put in with another litter to keep from being lonely and that none of those appeared to be sick. I responded questioning this conflict of information and have yet to get a response from him. This guy is deceptive. I think he may be running a puppy mill under the guise of being a breeder. I will also be reporting him to the NC Dept of Agriculture, the Better Business Bureau of NC, the AKC and the CKC. Buyers beware before you become emotionally and financially committed and invested. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or you would like additional information.

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