Broadcreek Malinois Maryland

Broadcreek Malinois Maryland Review

We bought an 8 week old male Belgian Malinois pup from Susan Legg at Broadcreek Kennels on Sept 27, 2017. He came down with the parvo virus almost immediately and Susan promised a refund of his purchase price of $1, 500 to put toward his veterinary bills (which totaled approximately $10, 000). This is in line with consumer protection laws about “lemon” puppies. We are still waiting on that refund nearly 5 months later. Our calls go unanswered and the owners have moved from Maryland to Florida. We don”t even have a current address to send a registered letter. We decided on Broadcreek Kennel in part because Susan was so willing to have long conversations with us about the breed, suitability, training, etc. The pup she chose for us was raised in part by her son, who had a small child – important for us as we were expecting a baby. He was an adorable pup with a fun personality. All that attention stopped as soon as we had an issue with the purchase – which was within 72 hours of her dropping him off. We were willing to spend the money on his care (our choice, and at the time we had no real concept of just how expensive it would be). Susan was reachable by phone when we first went to the vet, and she denied that the vet”s diagnosis was parvo – the results of the test were in front of us, very clear, and coming from a veterinary professional. Susan had taken our pup to a dog show the same day she brought him to us, which was after a long drive from Florida stopping at rest stops to relieve the dogs. In both cases, he would have been exposed to a variety of dogs and feces — perfect conditions for Parvo transfer, and he was not yet vaccinated or immune. When Susan finally accepted the diagnosis, she said that she would refund the cost of the dog with the birth of the next litter in about two months (so, November). She also indicated that she wanted to assist with some of the vet bills — not required by law, but certainly a wonderful gesture. I now wish we had not given her the benefit of time and instead insisted on an immediate refund. We have not heard from Susan at all since the 30th of September (when she learned he was sick). Neither she nor the kennel answer their phone or have returned multiple messages. We only have the old address, not the new one in FL. I am extremely dissatisfied with a number of things about this purchase (to include some temperament issues with reactive aggression, biting, and separation anxiety). However, I will keep our complaint focused on the refund issue for now. I would love for the kennel to contact me and prove me wrong here. They certainly have both my and my husband”s contact info. Given the response thus far, I am very doubtful that they are motivated to resolve the issue. I cannot recommend Broadcreek Kennel to anyone. It is easy to be swayed by their record at dog shows, knowledge of the breed, and their apparent interest in you as a buyer prior to the sale. But for most people — e.g. those wanting a “good”, healthy dog and a breeder who is responsive to any issues — this is not a good fit.

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