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WATCH OUT!!! I recently was called by a gentlemen named Luke from the Brook view financial Corp. I had applied for a loan for school and was denied and hence the call. we talked and he found a I thought a suitable lender and asked me for 705.48 that was a 6mnth deposited for @ 117.00 a mnth for a 15yr 14, 000 loan, me stupid not doin my homework was jus gonna do it but thank GOD for grandmothers she said baby do your home work. I checked the better business buearu and they gave them a (F) as a rating because ether they dont have enough Info or they have a concern in the dealing a of thier business methods. So I called Luked the Senior fin.conslt and as we talked I was read the scam report asking him questions and when I got to the part about the address he told me what state and said that the other Info would be dissclosed in the contract and I said if your legit why not provide the entire address and as he rambled it off I let him know about this scam report he rebuttled by saying these are disgruntle customers and onpublic site people can write whatever they want about you then I hung up.[protected] ext.361/ 600 superior ave East cleveland OH. 44114

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