defective car cover Internet!!. About two years back i ordered a car cover from this company for my 1973 Corvette.. The cover was advertised as a five layer all weather car cover…The cover came with a five year protection gaurantee.. Aftere about ten months of use the cover was not protecting well…Moisture was getting through the cover along with dirt..Everytime i took the cover of,f the hood of the car and the trunk area were very dirty.. I contacted the company and submiiited photos..Sure enough they sent me a new one..After all it was gauranteed for five years… Not even a year later after using the new cover it started to do the same thing….It was not protecting my cars finish…Dirt and moisture were getting through and the car was dirty once again.. I contacted the company and submitted photos of the dirt on the car…They told me I was only entitltled to one replacement cover… Hello! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FIVE YEAR GAURANTEE?….The company is stating that the cover has a five year gaurantee……Its not even a year and they will not return my emails… It should not matter that this cover was originally replaced….A five year gaurantee is a five year gaurantee no matter how many time you replace the cover… i will not do business with this company and anybody else who has a nice car and needs to buy an all weather cover,do not buy from this company..

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