Cadeau Cavaliers

Cadeau Cavaliers Review

Stay away from this breeder. I met Melissa seven years ago when I purchased a cavalier. My dog has been sick since I received her from Melissa. My dog had nearly all her teeth pulled by age three. She had surgery for anal problems and a hernia. She was diagnosed with a heart problem by age four. She has stomach issues which she nearly died from last year and continues to have problems. She is also deaf. I’ve spoken to many professionals and they agree that my dogs issues are all hereditary. I just saw this breeder on the complaint board under Cadeaudolls. Elise and Melissa are friends and I have personally spoken to the two of them. Elise raised my dog to be a show dog and gave her up due to marking issues. These two have no heart. I’ve written them many times and they just don’t care. Melissa once commented that these dogs only live to be eight. She spoke like my dog was already dead. Melissa is evil and my friends and vet agree. I thought I was the only one hurt by these two people. Wrong. Keep searching. They got me for $2500.00 and my heart. My dog is seven now. I thank God for every birthday we reach.

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