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Caliber at Hyland Village Review

I have bee living at Caliber at Hyland Village luxury apartments in Westminster Colorado for several months now. | Before you move you should know: | 1.) This is a “dog community.” You’ll find on signs around the community advertising this fact and state “all dog sizes and breeds” allowed. | So be careful of the dozens of small scrappy dogs that bark all day in the units when owners are at work and/or home. They growl and lunge at you to bite you when you walk through hallways or enter elevators. | Since large 40-50 dogs are also allowed you’ll find their loud bark can be heard at 2:00am in the morning as well through out the day through the walls and through ceilings and floor of apartment units. There is no more sound buffering or insulation between walls, floors or ceiling than you’d find in a typical house. So be prepared for living in a dog kennel constantly and waking up constantly in the middle of the night. | 2.) The grounds at Caliber at Hyland Westminster have dog feces that is not cleaned up by the residents/dog owners nor the maintenance staff. There is often vomit on carpet in hallways and stairs that is not cleaned up by dog owners nor maintenance staff. | 3.) When there is a maintenance need (should be much maintenace for a new building), but of course it was poorly slopped together construction with sloppy painting and other quality issue throughout as they constructed the building in the cheapest possible manner. | All just veneer then put in some nice finishes on top to make it look modern. | Now there since Summer there are constant redos and fixing of pipes leaking from top floors down to garage and plumbers and maintenance people needing to enter your unit unannounced checking and fixing. Furnace and air conditioning issues that go on and on even after 3 visits to fix. | 4.) Basic maintenance requests go unanswered. You get an email “we are reviewing your request.” Nobody ever comes out. You have to call the manager Nicole who makes promises and never follows through. You email back because you’re at work all day and can’t be there physically to walk everyone at Caliber at Hyland through their jobs and responsibilities. Then Nicole just disappears and stops communicating with you. | 5.) To get a hold of any staff or maintenance to follow up/contact you have to call then nobody ever answers the phone. The line they answer is only for new residents. If you’re already living there, they don’t care. You get the voicemail and nobody calls you back ever. At leat not in the months I’ve been here. | 6.) There have been at least 3 different managers since I lived here. Each one they hire is a Barbie Doll type who I guess is supposed to be good at renting apartments. The clowns they keep on hiring can’t manage an apartment building and look like clowns in these huge high heel shoes they can hardly walk in. They are just another “veneer” and smoke and mirror show of Caliber at Hyland Westminster Co. They can’t call back residents, get maintenance to do their jobs, can’t answer the phone, don’t follow through on noise and hygiene/dirty condition of apartment grounds and hallway complaints, etc. | Nicole and others just sit in the office all day drinking a latte and making it look good and can’t do the basics of the job. Obviously, all the compensation/compensation is getting people in the door to rent apartments. Once you’re there your rights and needs and concerns don’t get any attention, but pretend lip service and conversation. Nicole never follows through or does her job. She expects you to chase her down to which she makes excuses and claims she “tried.” | 7.) Nicole has been at Caliber at Hyland for 3+ months now. The grounds, hallways and stairs are always dirty and in poor condition. The grounds have feces all over. The garage door to the outdoors in the underground parking has been broken and open to any thief to wants to enter the building elevatora and all floors of the building and get access to people’s parked cars. Why you charging me $100 per month for a secured building and parking when anyone in the world can enter the garage and building. This is completely irresponsibile, incompentent and criminal of the apartment management. Anyone who has a broken garage door at a home would get it fixed same day by going to the store and getting a new garage door opener. Then there’ Nicole manager of this multi-million dollar building with hundreds of residents and after 3 months can’t get a new garage door that’s working! | 8.) It’s nice you hire these Barbie Doll girls in the hope they will help rent Caliber at Hyland “dog pound” and dirty dog conditions. Obviously, this hasn’t worked for Caliber at Hyland Westminster Co. Only half the units of 2 large buildings are occupied. Apparently, the potential residents didn’t get impressed by a Barbie girl enough to look past all the other issues. They couldn’t get past the constant barking dogs, obvious garage door to the parking garage and gaping hole in their personal security and dirty conditions in the hall. | For example: Hallways with clumps of dog fir, dirty q-tips, pieces of paper that sit there for weeks before someone comes and vacuums hallways/stairs. Someone on the second floor who is smoking and makes the entire hall wreak with cigarette smell. | 9.) They’ve had construction come back and do constant fixes and redos for months here which is loud and intrusive to normal living. Strange, the construction guys leave caulking for outside veener fixing, but then are still huge cracks to outdoors in stairways on first floor that 3 feet away have big heaters 24 hours per day trying heat the building. Some real geniouses in the management here. | 10.) Funny, people like Nicole I’ve never seen out of her office checking the conditions of the grounds. The only time she leaves the office is to show an apartment. Maybe this is why a lot of people are moving out here and few if any people ever move in and this apartment complex is 50% vacant despite being a new construction, supposedly luxury dog community. | 11.) I would strongly suggest a real manager who can manage and take responsibility for the job. Just putting out “cutesy things” like “Christmas wrapping station” buying a craft that says “Cocoa Bar” and putting it on the coffee maker doesn’t make up for not doing your job or having competency for the job. | Had my experience been any different with the management I would not write this complaint. It’s not just me, I know 5 of the other residents very well they are all upset with how poorly this apartment is being run or lack there of. | 12.) Funny on December 17th they had an inspection from the owners of the building. Suddenly, Nicole who I’ve only seen outside the office one time in 3-4 months has a window cleaning spray bottle and is cleaning windows. Of course she never walks the grounds to inspect condition and follow up with anyone or be accountable herself. | There are loud neighbors with loud music, people leave their garbage in the hallway all weekend which sticks like a sewer, dogs constantly barking and nothing done. It’s not her problem, she doesn’t live here. She gets a “warm place to sit all day,” gets a paycheck and makes all the “veneer” look so cutesy. | I did think it was odd the hallways and grounds were clean for a few days. They did a good job of making it look like they were doing their jobs and not the fake veneer like usual pretending their running an apartment building. | 13.) Having a “dog community” is a complete failure and reason why the building is 50% vacant. If you have a dog community then obviously there comes some management responsibilities and extra maintenance needs i.e. constant barking dogs, dog hair all over halls, dog feces all over the grounds, dog vomit in hallway/stairs carpet. Duuuhhh! | I guess if you hire a young girl that is just there to play barbie doll and substitute casual conversations and fake promises and never any follow-through this is what you get: a complete disaster apartment that is 50% vacant with more people moving out than want to move in!

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