Calvert Quilt Shop

Calvert Quilt Shop Review

Unless you like to be cheated and abused, steer clear of this Janome sewing machine dealer and quilt fabric shop in rural southern Maryland. This shop is run by an elderly couple, a tottering older man and his Queen of Attitude female cohort whose customer service is at best, horrendous, and at worst borderline abusive. Because I own Janomes and am new to the area, I took two of my machines (on separate occasions) in to this shop for repairs. The first came back as if untouched, though I had certainly paid to have it serviced and repaired. When I returned to the store and ask the man why it was still not working properly, I was told in an incredibly belligerent tone that it was fine when HE was done with it. Puzzled at his curt attitude and equally puzzled at the pursed lipped look being leveled my way by his older female coworker (wife?), I slunk away wondering what could have happened to my machine on the drive home that would have made it behave worse than when he originally worked on it. As for their attitudes, I chalked it up to having walked into the store when they were in the middle of some intense domestic issue and didn’t give it a second thought, really. My second repair experience was much worse – not only was my machine NOT fixed, but it was literally BROKEN by the same owner/dealer/technician. When it was brought to his attention, I was actually YELLED at by this old man who said “I know what I’m doing” and that he’s “been doing it for 40 years”. He continued to berate and belittle me IN FRONT OF OTHER CUSTOMERS, intimating his same song and dance that I had somehow caused the issues with my machine, or that they were obviously fixed and I was just being difficult. I have since learned that this behavior is status quo for this shop with many, many unsatisfied customers who simply will not go near it due to: 1) his complete and total incompetence 2) exhorbitant prices on all inventory in the store, most of which is outdated and dust covered 3) the know-it-all and snooty attitude of his female partners there; and 4) downright meanness of the old man. Steer clear…

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