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CanadaLightingExperts / 1STOPlighting Review

When I made my order I thought that CanadaLightingExperts was a Canadian company and only later I found out that they were located in US! I bought a set of lights from them and my order arrived damage. I wasted a lot of time talking to these guys and trying to get a refund. They didn’t want to accept the lights back and everything they told me made no sense. They claimed they need to discuss that with their manager and when I asked them how much time do they need to do that they were not able to reply. They said they’ll contact me back as soon as they decide what to do and assured me there was nothing to worry about. I believed them and that was a big mistake. I’m still waiting for something and I don’t know what to expect, but it doesn’t look like they are doing something to resolve my issue. I will never buy anything from CanadaLightingExperts again!

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