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Cannabis Talk Network Review

I attended a Cannabis Talk Network seminar in N.Y. they told us that if at anytime we wanted our money back they would return it, no question asked, all lies. The seminar is a launch point to get you to spend $998 for a two day seminar in which they promise huge returns to be made in the legal Cannabis and CBD industry. | They sell you on the $29,995.00 seminar held at the Artium Hotel in Orange Ounnty CA . You get a box lunch and a bus ride to a grow and extraction facility, all along telling you how you’re going to make a fortune with them. At the end of the seminar Chris Wright says , we only have a few spots for our Master Elite students, that costs 50k. All this us is a hugh pressure sales seminar designed to make Chris Wright rich, not you. | He doesn’t return calls or acknowledge your demands for a refund. After Chris Wright ghosted me I spoke with several other atendees who had the same experience. I found news stations that have done stories on Wright and his schemes to defraud people. Chris Wright travels across the U.S. running this scheme over and over again, when people get wise to his scam he just makes up a new name and starts up again.

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