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Hi. I recently lost everything in hurricane Irma in Florida. I just got a loan to rebuild my home and I decided to take some of the money to buy some necessities. My girls started dancing again. Their school is being hosted at the owners home until she can find a place to rent and the owner of the school is offering the first term back out for free. | They had no shoes for ballet and I looked around and found that these shoes were affordable and good quality. I went ahead and made the purchase and when I did not receive my shoes I called USPS and provided my tracking number. At that time USPS confirmed that the shoes were delivered to a wrong address in Miami at 1970 NW 104th Street ZIP 33174. The USPS agent provided me with a reference number for the misdelivery to provide to the merchant so that they could launch an investigation. That number is CA 13567 7832. | I called the company right away and was told that they were going to call USPS. They told me shortly after that the shoes were delivered and that there was nothing they could do. At that time I thought they at least would have launched an investigation. I paid $78.80 and the package was insured I was told by USPS. I called USPS back yesterday and was told that the USPS station that was responsible for going to retrieve the package at the wrong location failed to do so. I escalated to a manager and was told that because the USPS station had failed to attempt retrieving the package that she was opening a new case and sending it over to the USPS station. | She sent them a message and informed them that they had to take responsibility for the missing package because of the fact that they failed to attempt retrieval of the package. I asked her if I could submit a claim for a refund but she informed me that only the shipper had the ability to do so. She advised me to call the shipper and ask them to request a refund for the lost package. Again they refused to do so! I am fed up. USPS case number for failure to retrieve package CA 13629 6796. | This company has horrible customer service and refuses to file for a refund even though the time to do so will soon expire. The staff is rude and unhelpful. I want my hard earned money back. Why do you refuse to file an investigation or refund? Maybe they made the error with the address and are aware of it and trying to scam me of my money! I understand that from time to time things go wrong in every business model but it is how you deal with mishaps is what is important.

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