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This morning, December 20, 2018, at 8:45, I stopped into the Caribou on Lake Street in Wayzata. I first placed my drink and oatmeal order. While waiting for the drink I saw the “30% off all Holiday” sign on a rack full of holiday mugs. I found 2 that I really liked (coffee cups, wrapped in a leather band that has a small flask attached to it – mugs read “Making Spirits Bright”). Each of them was marked $21.99. As I took them to the counter to pay the young women rang them up and said the total was $40 and change. I said “I think it rang up wrong, they are supposed to be 30% off”. She was flustered, and unsure of what to do. She turned to the other woman behind the counter (presumably the manager as she was the only other person there) and shared the situation. She responded with, well, whatever it rings up at is what it is. I repeated that I think the machine must not have calculated it right because (as I showed her my calculator) the total should have been closer to $33.10. To which she condescendingly said – “Well, chalk it up to false advertising. It is what it is” and turned away. I was sincerely shocked, as was the gentleman in line behind me. He too did the math and pointed out it was wrong. I said, well I will pass on them. The additional $7.00 was surely not the reason I walked out, it was the principal of it, to which the remainder of the individuals overhearing the story agreed and shook their heads. As long as that woman works there, I will not return. There are many other Caribous that are filled with wonderful employees. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. I work in Wayzata, the coffeee landscape is changing (new Starbucks and a new Penny”s Coffee on its way), Caribou”s management should take a serious look at how this location is staffed.

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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020

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