Carla R. Pepperman, P.A.

Carla R. Pepperman, P.A. Review

I hired Ms. pepperman to handle a dispute btween myself and my sister over a family trust. after 5 months and $4290 not a single goal was accomplished. during this time the only contact was with ms peppermans assistant who either sent me a bill or when I called always said ms pepperman wasnt available. at the end of August I put my foot down and told Ms peppermans assistant I wanted an update from ms pepperman directly and was given a day she would call me. Instead I recieved yet another bill by email! I then sent email back FIRING HER! I contacted another attorney and planned to move on. | Mspepperman then emailed me that she wasnt fired, that she had things to close out on my case and that she was continuing to go ahead as my attorney. over the course of the next 10 days I sent an additional 5 emails restating that she was indeed Fired! at the end of the ten days she sent me an additional bill for th time to close out my case of $1325.00 including billing me for the time to read my emails firing her! so for a grand total of $5618.00 and 5 wasted months not a d**n thing was accomplished other than to prove why people hate attorneys. Ms pepperman showed herself to be greedy, arrogantand incompetent!

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