elephant structures elephant structures structures Carolina carport/elephant carport Stole deposit money and never delivered carport! lousy customer service THIEVES! North Carolina!!. This company delivers carports to various states in the U.S. I went online to I ordered a carport on June 5 and they said I would receive it between 4 and 6 weeks. Eight weeks later, after numerous calls to customer service and email after email, they refused to get back to me about the installation date. I asked for a refund of the 102.00 down I had to pay initially over the web since I wanted to cancel my order. They refused to refund my money. They said they would deliver the carport that week instead of issuing a refund. On the day of delivery which was confirmed by me and them on three separate occasions, they never showed up. I decided to call them to confirm they were coming and they said it is not on the truck and I would have to wait for the next delivery going to NJ. They don’t deliver until they have a full truckload going to the state you are in. They don’t return your calls and they get to keep your money. Save your money and try a different company that is not affiliated with them. You can even build the carport yourself faster than they can build it and bring it. We have waited 9 weeks and still no carport and they kept our money. All the customer service staff says is we are sorry to hear that and there is nothing they can do. They cant cancel your order and they cant refund your money. Do not use this company…it’s ridiculous how they treat their customers.

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