No warranty support, terrible customer service Anaheim California!!. Bought a cover from this company in 2014.Had a 5 year warranty. 1 year later a section of the material began to peel and fail. I filed a return request and paid for the return of the cover, and immediately noticed that no notifications of receipt came from the company. I called and they said they had received it and were going to review whether to repair or replace. A week later I called and they said it was out for repair and would take some time. After 1 month, I called again, and they said it was still out for repair. After 2+ months, called, and said it would be coming back within another week. I called a week later, and they said the cover would be shipped back on Friday. Called the week after (now 3 months out), and they said they would send an email with tracking number within half hour. No email. Sent an email and left a voicemail, both saying get me the tracking number or I would start these bad reviews. Got another email saying they would send me a tracking number in 1/2 hour. No email. So, my advice is to avoid this company as they do not back their products as they suggest. At this point, they owe me money or a replacement.

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