To read the numerous negative reviews about this company’s practices, copy the following link into your browser. The link takes you to Dave’s Garden website (an extremely popular site for gardeners and gardening professionals) and to an area which reviews the business practices of the Catalpa Tree Seed Co. Someone on the website below actually had their credit card charged $900.00 for an $11 seed order. This company has been cheating people out of their money on a regular basis since early 2006 (and likely, longer than that). You place an order for seeds, they charge your account, you wait and wait, but the seed never arrives. Then you call or you email, or you try both after you realize that nothing is happening with your order, except that your bank account is a bit lighter. It really doesn’t matter which method you choose to get in touch with the company, as no one gets back to you either way. Usually, the email address box is full and the email gets kicked back to your box unsent. If you can leave a message on the answering machine, they never call back. Catalpa Tree Seed Co. is also referred to as C3Holdings, LLC., CTSco; the owner of the company Clifford H. Cohen. The company address is: 27 Fostertown Road, Medford, New Jersey [protected] and is located in the Burlington County jurisdiction. Do business with this company only if you wish to give your money away for no reason at all.

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