Certified Distribution Specialists

Certified Distribution Specialists Review

Express Notification envelope arrives in mail. Address Label says ‘Official Notification.’ (My husband got same notice about 2 weeks ago). | You open the envelope and highlighted you see (your name) Verified Amount! $8631,947.11. Highlighted in the paragraphs are ‘guaranteed cash prize winner!’ and ‘you have won a cash prize.’ Letter goes on to highlight ‘All you have to do is submit the attached Cash Claim Form and the money is yours. Period.’ | There is a cash claim form, and with the signature box you acknowledge ‘I have enclosed a $20 processing fee’ | Read the fine print on the back of the letter and you will see ‘Odds of winning the One Dollar ($1.00) Prize are 1 in 1.’ Whereas the odds of winning (any sort of money that would get your processing’ fee back) $50 or more ‘are 1 in 3,000,000.’ | Best of luck to all the ‘cash prize winners’ out there who fork over a $19 fee (stupid person tax) to get their $1. | That means, CDS is expecting to take in about 57 million and pay out somewhere around 9 million. Factor in the cost of overhead and staffing with some business expense…oh, yeah, donn’t forget postage. I am sure their company would not consider this a scam….and it’s probably not even illegal, but it is definately a rip-off!

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