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Transmission repair Certified Transmission 1580 Lower Roswell Road Marietta, GA 30068 US Certified Transmissions lied about the supposed work they claimed to have done on our vehicle. They said that they rebuilt and/or “refurbished” the transmission in our Isuzu Rodeo. The car had the same problem after they “rebuilt” the transmission. We took it back. They claimed that they now knew what the specific problem was. They kept it an additional week because now it was supposedly leaking transmission fluid (after the “rebuild”). I picked it up on October 10th. They said it was now completely repaired with a rebuilt transmission. The car still performed as poorly, if not worse than it did when we originally took it to them. I had no confidence in Certified Transmissions any longer. I took it to a new shop. When this new mechanic laid out the transmission he called us with some surprising news. Not only had Certified Transmission not rebuilt our transmission, the only new part they put in it was a partially spray painted torque converter….and our new mechanic wasn’t sure even if that part was new. No new seals, clutches….not even a new transmission filter or fluid. We had paid Certified Transmission $1500 for a spray painted torque converter. We took photos of the transmission taken apart. Our new mechanic gave us some of the old worn parts that obviously hadn’t been replaced and the old transmission filter too. We took all of this matrial back to Certified Transmission. The owner was there that day. We asked him to describe what specifically what repair(s) they had done to our vehicle and what new parts would be included in that repair. He described several parts that we knew for a fact had not been replaced. we showed him all of our evidence. he tried to imply that our new mechanic could have put those parts in. We called our new mechanic on the phone and handed the phone to the owner of Certified Transmission. Our new mechanic told the owner of Certified that at best they had done a “patch job” and came nowhere near rebuilding our transmission. Our new mechanic also told the Certified owner that if he did not refund our money we would take him to court and that he (our new mechanic) would accompany us and testify in our behalf. We got our money returned. Stay away from this place. Either they don’t know what they are doing or they know exactly what they are doing in promoting work that they never came close to performing. Places like Certified Transmission should not even be in business.

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