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This company charged my checking account once a month for over year before I caught on. Their business practices are clearly disingenuous. You use your card to make a one time purchase at a website that uses CGBILLING.COM or one of its affiliates and they keep your info and proceed to bill you monthly for a subscription that was not fully disclosed to you, the consumer. This fraudulent practice has been ruled against in class actions against perpetrators of similar scams (see CIC Triple Advantage). Get your money back and stick it to these ###. Call the customer service numbers on the CGBILLING.COM website and be firm and insistent on their fraudulent practices. Don;t be abusive, it allows them to hang up on you. Demand a full refund and don”t be put off by the offer of a partial. Threaten to complain to the BBB And the FTC and when they don”t give you a refund, follow through. The parent company of CGBILLING.COM is Netcach, LLC locates in Solano, Ohio at 28820 Miles Road. They have another office in New York. They are not an accredited BBB business so they don”t have to respond to a complaint, but between us we can send their C rating into the abyss and put them out of a job.

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  1. Dixie Hissem
    June 13, 2020

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