www.cigar-expert website was created by same operators selling fake cuban cigars online to impersonate a positive feedback by a so called expert? I have exposed them and many of there websites and its well known on major cigar forums so this scammer named David has written malicious and false articles. | The articles pertaining to and are false reviews as well as the pics posted. Notice no reply comments… | If you visit there website you will notice they give praise to one of there own fake websites | Be warned that many websites ship in original sealed boxes BUT…. the websites they operate say they are located in countries known to carry authentic cuban cigars. So email them and ask why they cant gaurantee original sealed boxes! These fake websites listed all have toll free numbers but no direct line with area code and country they falsley advertise to be associated. Why? In reality they have fake or replica Cuban cigars shipped from Central American countries. | David has also slandered which is not associated with me but I will testify that they are a legit run website. | There are many legitimate websites online selling authentic cuban cigars and I will stand up for them. Feel free to email me if you have doubts at [email& 160;protected] or [email& 160;protected] | As I expose one and they take down they will launch a new domain and website to trick you! | Be carefull of cheap prices and websites that have not adjusted there retail prices in years. Habanos SA raise prices every couple of years due to inflation and market demand and so legitimate operated sites will adust (raise) also.

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