On February 18th 2017 around 5:30 PM I pulled in to the Kangaroo express at valledale and caldwill mill in birmingham, AL to buy gas for cash. I went in and gave the cashier a twenty and told her pump 8. The gas would not pump so I went back in to complain and she insisted I had said pump 7. I held my temper and moved my vehicle to pump 7. It still would not pump. I went again to complain and the cashier said, “Sorry, somebody else got your gas; there’s nothing I can do.” | She couldn’t explain how someone else could have pulled up to that pump (marked “Pay at pump with card or pay cash inside before pumping gas.”) and stolen my gas without knowing in advance that it was there for the taking. It was also odd that she was wearing a Cheshire Cat grin the whole time she was talking to me. I don’t know about other Kangaroo Stores but avoid this one like the plague!

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