Claims to be from Alliance Healthcare Services

Claims to be from Alliance Healthcare Services

I was just contacted by text from Mr. Thomas Muller 619-659-7732 stating he is from Alliance Healthcare Services. Stated that I was selected for employment interview as he seen my resume online ( Then told me that the interview and briefing process is done on yahoo messaging. I was then contacted by Nora Young ([email protected]).

I had 2 different interviews with Nora Young. She asked for my name, age, sex and location. She asked for my address, phone number and email address. She asked what bank I used so the check could be direct deposited and for 2 professional references. I cautiously gave this info to her. She then told me that I would be receiving a check in the mail for equipment and software. Her questions were common interview questions, except for age and sex. She said I would make $30 an hour daily and $25 a hour for training. It was for data entry and accounting. She seemed nice but her spelling and grammar were poor. I got to asking questions about the company and her answers were vague or not at all. She claimed to be from GA but the company was in CA. I should have never fallen for it or given my info out but I did. I am posting so that others may not fall for this SCAM.. I demand Info for others. Stay away

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