I decided to return product the day I received it because the need to drink one half of my body weight (in ounces) during the several weeks of the regimen. I bought the product for myself and wife. I decided it might be unhealthy, if not dangerous.So I went to the post office and sent back to the address on my order form. The tracking # informed me product delivered on 9/5/14. I called the company’s general # and was told usually refund is credited 2 days after receipt. After 7 days of nothing, I called the # several times, each time the operator took a message. I also emailed cleanse caps ([email protected]) –no answer. I began asking one operator what state they are in and discovered they are in Texas, serving many companies. He even asked me if I was (my name). He had my message on his desk from my prior calls. So I called my credit card bank and they took info. They contacted cleans merchant bank citing my complaint. Within 2 days I got a friendly email that company will credit my account the full ant of $170.40(which was posted 2 days later). I asked my bank what happens when a complaint is given. Apparently there is a stiff $ fine and merchant bank will discharge from them if there are enough complaints.. I demand Full refund. I don’t recommend them

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